The best selling candles are candles with the Wooden Wick.

Our Wicks Are Manufactured, Shipped & Protected Under the Following US Patents: US D663450 - US D669615 US D708777 - US 8708694 - D715989

Increase your candle sales & gain real estate with current retailers. Direct from the manufacturer of patented wooden wicks.

What if you were told there is a way to combine the mystique of a candle with the sounds and smells of wood crackling in an open fire? Does that sound too good to be true? This is exactly what you can do as soon as you start burning wood wick candles.

When you want to up the impact of wooden wick candles, you can add scents into the mix. While you already have the scent of burning wood coming from the candle, and for many people that is enough, if the candle itself is scented, that will add another layer of scent. By choosing a scent that brings back memories or other favorite scents, it can be a complete treat for your olfactory senses.

Home of the finest all natural wooden wicks available.

We start with selected wood in the USA, cut to our standard size & pressure process for three days, the end result is a superior burning wick. Our wicks are designed to offer outstanding performance burning clean with excellent melting pools & great fragrance throw.


Our Wicks


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